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Retail’s Top Compliance Pain Points and How to Address Them

For companies in the retail sector, PCI DSS is an omnipresent regulation. According to Globalscape’s Ponemon study “The True Cost of Compliance with Data Regulations,” PCI DSS is ranked #2 among the most complex compliances to achieve, second only to healthcare’s HIPAA. Learn why PCI compliance is so challenging to retailers and what can be done about it.

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How to Wow Customers During the Onboarding Process

The customer onboarding process is an important event between you and your customer. It sets the stage for what they will come to expect from you and how they will perceive your business. Find out how you can wow your customers during the onboarding process in our latest blog.

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Top 4 FTP Exploits Used by Hackers

If you are using FTP to transfer business data, then you are lacking the basic capabilities needed to sustain your organization in today's complex and fast-paced business environment. FTP does not provide the security, visibility and control needed to protect your important data transactions. Learn more about FTP risks and ways hackers can exploit its insecurities.

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