Data Integration


The Fail-Proof Guide to Choosing an Integration Platform

Is a developer’s time better spent building their APIs from scratch, or is their time best spent innovating? With an Integration Platform as a Solution (iPaaS), developers can now create connections that were prohibitive before. Learn everything you need to know about choosing an integration platform in our latest guide.

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KISS Martech Complexity Goodbye

Perhaps you’ve heard of the well-known KISS acronym – Keep it Simple, Stupid. This principle is said to be created by aeronautical engineer Clarence L. “Kelly” Johnson and was first noted by the U.S. Navy in 1960.

Effective Digital Transformation

How Businesses Can Reclaim Their Digital Mojo

Many businesses are intimidated by the expansive notion of digital transformation (DX). Reclaiming your companies digital confidence takes work and a dedication to these guiding principles: Reexamine - Put all of your processes and procedures under a microsope. ...

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The ABCs of API Consumption

Creating a platform for your customers is an amazing way to help them gain the most benefits out of your applications. In the “ABCs of API Consumption,” learn the tips and tricks to boost your API consumption with an API your customers will love.

Learn how to build an API Consumption Strategy in 4 easy steps

How Strong is Your API Consumption Strategy?

A strong API strategy must have a complementary API consumption strategy to be successful. An API consumption strategy will help you measure the value your API is providing and create a plan to maximize that value.

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