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Your Data in the Cloud: 3 Steps to a Seamless Migration

Legacy IT infrastructures often lead to higher costs - from security vulnerabilities, process interruptions, or system unreliability and unavailability. Making a move to the cloud can empower organizations to accomplish much more with less. How can you ensure...


5 Phases of Data Integration Hell

Whether you are dealing with huge and complex datasets, disparate systems, or big data, sometimes the data integration journey can be quite the hellish experience.  From financial info to sales forecasts, or consumer information and business data, your...

Success Stories

Technology Company Streamlines Business Workflow with EFT

Challenge: A NASDAQ-listed, leading global supplier of advanced technology, with significant global operations, was managing their business process using two servers with different operating systems, one Linux-based SAP system and one Windows-based Rights Management Server (RMS). ...


The Accidental Trojan Horse

Consumer cloud programs can inadvertently lead to security breaches When an employee’s action puts information at risk or compromises compliance, usually there is no malicious intent.

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